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Copier Technology: 6 Modern Features You Didn’t Expect to Have

For many years, copier leasing services have provided humanity with basic workplace needs- they can scan documents, they can make copies, can be network printers, and even provide two-sided printing and automatic stapling features. Recently, there have been modern features that the recent copier models carry with them. 

More than 70 years ago, the first copy machine was brought to the market in Queens. Chester Carlson, the inventor, used static electricity with dry powder to make the very first copier in 1938. It was Xerox Company that brought it first to the market and presented the dramatic change in the copying industry.

Today, modern copiers do not just copy and print, they are also tools that enhance efficiency, productivity, and security in the workplace. 

Take a look at the 6 newest modern copy machine features which for sure can benefit your team or office.

Dual Scanning

Several office copier machines carry with them the option of adding a dual-scanning document feeder. This feature scans the paper on both sides in a single pass. Older copy machines run the materials by manually putting them on one side first, then another side after if you are to make a double-sided copy. Now the dual scan can save you time because it does not only double the speed of copying two-sided documents, but this feature can also make sure that no errors are made when flipping them over just like how it was with the old copier models

Scan to File, Email

Many of the modern copier features are designed to help you complete your task faster and in a very efficient manner. Scan to file and scan to email, which is typical in. docs or .pdf formats, function with this exact goal. Use your printer or copier to scan your material and it will automatically save it as a document or a pdf, which you can then email to a coworker or even to yourself for safekeeping. The most important benefit of the scan-to-file and scan-to-email is that basically, you can do everything in the copier without opening your computer. With old copiers, you will have to open your computer and send it to your copier, then send it back to your computer for emailing and storing. These few minutes that are saved for you with the new copier machines, in the long run, will save you some hours when counted as yearly efficiency progress.

Copier Technology: 6 Modern Features You Didn’t Expect to Have


Today’s copy machines have come so far with technology. Most of them are manufactured with user recognition, which is run in an energy-saving mode. As soon as the user comes closer to the machine, the copier will automatically power up, ready to be used by the owner. There are several sources of setting up user recognition and biometric scanners are one common example of them.

Mobile Printing from Tablets and Phones

The current copier models, even those that are made for small businesses, now have the feature of accommodating print jobs from remote devices. There are free applications that will allow users to print documents, photos, or emails directly from their tablet or phone. This feature is the most beneficial for offices that have a lot of guests and visitors coming in and out.

Encrypted Scanning and Password Protect

Because modern copier leasing machines are being used more often than it was before, the documents being scanned these days are now made more sensitive in nature. The new copier machines now offer encrypted documents and password-protect features to their scanned materials, to keep non-users from using the same document without permission.

USB Port

The new generation copy machines now have USB ports. This is valuable because users can now insert USB drives directly into copier machines and automatically documents stored in the device.


With these six new features that modern copiers now have, these machines have become a gold investment that not only helps in storing information and printing out materials. Copiers leasing in Fort Worth now can also help businesses become more efficient and grow exponentially. 

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Copier leasing companies now are all about boosting office efficiencies and figuring out how to get work done in a simpler and easier manner that does not take so much of an employee’s time. With the help of modern copiers, businesses can now have optimized workflows, cutting-edge technology, and a well-structured communication setup. 

With all the flashy concepts and new tools in the business industry, a modern copier machine might appear as a backward technology in offices. Employees and even business owners take these machines for granted without realizing their worth in office productivity.