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My Printer’s Too Slow: Call Technical Support

In modern times, a lot of things were invented for a more manageable lifestyle. Before, we only had stairs, but now we also have escalators and elevators. This provides a faster way for us to reach the floor we want faster without worrying that we will reach them tired and sweaty. The same can be said with documents that every person has.

Before, documents were handwritten, but the typewriter and the computer had been invented. This made it simpler for everyone to create documents just by typing, and you can also store them for a long period because you can put them on flash drives or online drives for safekeeping. You can also retrieve them anytime and anywhere you want as long as there is internet access. All you need to do is connect your printer to your computer to print out hard copies whenever you need them.

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But what happens if your printer becomes slow when printing your documents? It was the first time you encountered such a problem with your printer. Should you call tech support? Well, that’s all up to you.

Whether you decide to do so or not is not a problem. But you can also try looking for an alternative solution while you are thinking about whether you want to call tech support or not. You can go online and try typing keywords related to your printer’s slow printing of documents. You might find some solutions that can help you troubleshoot your printer.

Here are some troubleshooting that you may do first before calling a technical support:

  1. One of the things that you can check on your printer is the ink cartridge. Your printer might need a refill since it has already consumed a lot of ink, and you haven’t noticed, or your cartridge needs replacement since it is already old or it was damaged for some reason. That’s why you always need to check your ink if it is enough or is still functioning correctly and not damaged.
  1. Another thing you can check is the printer’s paper tray. You can check if the paper tray has enough papers to support all the printing that you need throughout your printing. You can also check if there are some unnoticed paper jams. This can help you find the problem and solve it immediately.
  1. The next thing you can do is reset your printer. All you need to do is turn off your printer and then unplug it. Wait for a few minutes, then plug it again. You can turn on your printer to see if it has been reset. Your printer might need a bit of rest because you might have been using it for some time without letting it rest a few minutes in between your printing.
  1. Another reason for your printer’s slow printing is the mode you put it in. You can see it if you go to the settings of your printer. If you put your printer in its best way, it might affect your printing speed. If you want a faster printing process, you can choose the normal mode to go to the printing settings.


In checking some simple troubleshooting processes, you can learn how to use and take care of your printer without having to call tech support. You solve a minor problem that you might encounter again in the future. By that time, you already know what you should do, and tech support won’t be the first thing on your mind in solving your slow printing problems unless the printer itself is already having trouble due to it being old or something was damaged inside the equipment. You can now help other people troubleshoot their printer if ever they encounter the same instance with their printer. You can share your knowledge on how they could fix their slow printing problems by sharing the options and tips that you learned in finding a solution to your printing trouble.