Photocopiers are used to copy documents as well as images fast even from long time ago. There are a lot of business establishment, government offices, schools and even some merchandising businesses use copiers. Black and white is the usual color of the inks for copiers many years ago. Whether you print documents or images and pictures, you won’t appreciate it because it’s simply black and white. Things are different now because everything advanced with the use of technology. There are a lot of colour photocopiers right now and you can enjoy the copied materials as if they are the originals. These kinds of copy machines are usually best for homes, small offices, digital printing shops and internet or web cafes.

The colored copiers have several advantages. It is highly recommended for copying pictures and enjoy the same and original color. You can also use this kind of photocopier to copy colored documents. Digital photo shops, internet and web cafes use this kind of copier for their businesses because their customers can always have an option whether copy in a plain and ordinary black and white or have their documents colored.

This kind of copy machine also has disadvantages. Government is not so happy with this kind of copy machine because this can be used as a gadget or device to counterfeit currencies of many countries. This is a special concern of almost all governments all over the world. Colour photocopier is used by counterfeiters in their productions of counterfeited currencies. This has been a long time problem and many were arrested and imprisoned of the illegal copying of the currencies, distribution of fake money and using of this counterfeited money.

However, despite the increasing number of people who are arrested, more and more still do this illegal thing that’s why the governments from many countries decided to change their moneys and putting some special marks that can hardly be copied. The latest colored copiers also have special software that will be used to prevent counterfeiting.

The special software of the new copiers can help a lot in preventing the illegal act of counterfeiting currencies. There are a lot of photocopier manufacturing companies who manufactures more and more copiers each day. Colored copiers can vary from different sizes, styles and durability. The brand names can also affect the price. Usually, a colored copy machine’s price can start from $100 and can be as expensive as $3000, depends on the type, quality and brand.