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Get a Quick Glimpse About The Difference of Copier and Printer Paper

There are different kinds of paper engineered and optimized for different uses.  The paper that you’re going to purchase when loading the copier in your company or office will not be the same as the sheets where you are going to print photographs.

There is a considerable overlap between different kinds of paper as far as terminologies are concerned. This is the reason why knowing even a little more idea about the different types of paper to be used help you to save time and money. It could also help you to acquire better and successful results at the end.

Get To Know More About Copy Paper

Copier or copy paper is also known to be called a multi-purpose kind of paper. It is a perfect choice to for photocopying, faxing or even printing text only type of documents. Five hundred case of copy paper sheets generally weighs at about twenty pounds.

Copy paper is also considered to be least expensive when compared to other paper options. Due to the fact that it is offered at its low prices, copy paper is now considered to be the best paper choice when printing out reference documents and materials that need to be filed if necessary.

What is a Printer Paper?

As far as printer paper is concerned, there are lots of choices to choose from which you can use in your office, company or business. This includes matte paper, glossy paper, inkjet paper, listing paper and a lot more. 

Some of the printer papers are uncoated and left raw that highlights specific properties of materials. This is the reason why you need to select the best printer paper depending on the printing project you need. Apart from that, printer papers also vary when it comes to its brightness. Primarily, the brightness of the paper is measured from zero to one hundred scale. Generally speaking, the brighter the color of the printer paper the better and clearer the print will be regardless of the printer that you are going to use.

Another important thing you need to consider when selecting the best printer paper is more on its opacity. Oftentimes, if you choose to purchase heavier printer paper expect that it is more opaque which is perfect for your printing projects.

What To Choose: Copier or Printer Paper?

There are some differences when it comes to copier and printer paper. Copy papers are considered to be less expensive and slightly thinner when compared to the different types of printer paper. However, when you print text documents, these two papers can be used interchangeably. It will never create much differences beyond the quantity of light that may pass through these papers since it depends on its weight.

However, if you opt to print several pages with huge numbers of images, you may choose to have a thicker kind of printer paper. This is because, printing on a non-printer kind of paper will give you heavily saturated, less crisp and slightly wet images.


For your office, company and business printing jobs, it is always essential to choose the best kind of paper for best results. You also need to consider several factors before spending time, money and effort when purchasing either copier or printer paper to assure that you will never regret it in the end.

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