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What To Consider When Getting A Print Service Contract

Having a new or leased copier in your company is a good move for your company. It can increase your staff’s productivity as well as save space as there are MFP now available that can scan, print, and fax. Consequently, having a machine like this entails an offer of a service contract. Before you get yourself into such a binding agreement, it is important to understand the warranty covers and its benefits for you. First, know what a service contract is. The service contract is way different from a warranty. The latter is designed to protect the buyer from the issues that may arise due to manufacturing error or premature failure. It covers repair and replacement of defective equipment within a specific fixed period like a month, six months, or two years. Meanwhile, service contracts are meant to protect you beyond the coverage of a device’s service warranty. It is like buying a maintenance package for your vehicle. There is a regular monthly fee to be paid to your service provider. Usually, this may come from the manufacturer of your device. They will cover any service that involves the machine, such as quality issues, repairs, parts, and labor, as well as priority service. Nowadays, additional services are offered like toner supplies and preventive maintenance. 

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Things to ponder

Aside from the mentioned benefits form above, with service contracts, dealers may allow complimentary use of a loaner unit if the machine cannot be repaired as soon as possible. Always check this inclusion first before you sign a contract. As for the major things you have to think about and consider, there are three. First, rightsize your printer service contract. A big chunk of the price of your copier print service may come from the estimated copy and print volume. Do your best to as accurate as possible in assessing your company’s need for printing and copying. To help you better understand rightsizing, here are some tips. One of these is not automatically going with the print volume you had from your last service contract provider. Possibly, something is wrong with the numbers. There is a chance that you paid for more than what you need for quite some time. That is why you will need some time to have an accurate estimation of your copying volume. Consequently, you have to account for the plans of your company. Consolidate the possibility of having sales materials like brochures, letters, and marketing sheets you have in the future as these may impact your copying and printing volume. Moreover, when you are not yet sure and want a trial first, start with low overage charges. Another consideration in choosing the right billing cycle for your service contract. Decide whether you will be billed monthly, quarterly, or annually. The price of your service contract will be based on your copy and print volume. For companies with requires regular heavy and light use of the copier, it is best to get the quarterly billing because it is more efficient and cheaper. The best examples of this are a school that needs heavy use of the machine during autumn, winter, and spring, but minimal use during summer because students are on vacation break. In this way, you do not have to pay for papers you did not use for that specific period. The last consideration would be separating leases from copier service contracts. Choosing your copier leasing service provider is equally important to finding the dealer of the copier as you will rely on them for maintenance and supplies. 

With thorough research and planning, you will get a hassle-free and cost-effective Copier leasing service provider that would suit your needs. Plan ahead of time and consider these factors in choosing.