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Apps for Copier That Increase Productivity That Saves Money and Time

Your copiers and printers are more than just simple copying machines. With software and applications developed today designed for imaging devices, office copiers have slowly turned into a productivity workhorse. When you have the right copiers, coupled with a smart use of different software and applications, you’ll notice how copiers these days have revolutionized printing, help you save time, improve your data security, and even lessen your paper use.

Today, most businesses and organizations make use of a suite of systems and tools to help them effectively manage their businesses. For you to keep up with the high demand for efficiency and productivity, you need to understand that finding the right systems to help you collaborate your data is critical. Enter business applications and the right copier machine capable of integrating these systems, then surely you are on your way towards making your job (and life) easier.

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Below are some of the best copier application apps you may want to consider to help you and your business save money and extra time.


Streamlining the whole process of your business while giving you that added internal efficiency and productivity has never been that easy until DMConnect. With this copier application, you’re able to route all your important documents from your multifunctional copier to your organization’s document management system. It allows you to effortlessly and quickly capture, store, share, or even retrieve files.

Mobile Print
For those highly-mobile organizations that often have employees on the road or working remotely from multiple locations, the Mobile Print app is a total necessity. This is a free app that gives employees the capability to print from practically anywhere they are, right from their own mobile device. Thus, you don’t need to email your documents to your in-house officemate just to print these files or carry extra loads of papers along the way in case the need calls for it.

Cloud Connect

Most businesses today are utilizing cloud applications to help them manage their workflows and documents. Thankfully, a copier cloud app from Kyocera makes printing so quick and on the go. You can use this app if you wish to connect to various cloud storage providers like Evernote or Google Drive directly from your copier so you can easily scan, store, or print.

Google Connector

Google’s Gmail is probably the world’s most widely-used email provider, with over a billion active users in a month. Because of its popularity and reliability, most businesses, in fact, host their staff’s emails via Gmail. Good thing is that copiers now use a technology where you can access and connect your personal Google account directly from a printer without additional technology and steps added. Print and scan your documents from your Gmail account, or browse your messages, check your calendars, print emails, and send out emails right within the copier.

CentraQ Pro

The cost of office equipment and tools is somewhat a vague financial area in a business. In fact, most businesses don’t realize how pricey it would be for them to maintain and use their office copiers. Thankfully, the CentraQ Pro app was made to help you remove the guessing game. Instead, it provides you the proper tools and knowledge to control your copier’s cost and usage. This app has advanced reporting and tracking capabilities. You can choose which copier function to restrict (copy, fax, print or scan) so you can manage your overall spending and gain instant insights in your general cost.

When looking for a copier Dallas equipment, as well as other printing systems, it is best to get the one with the most secure and helpful feature. You have so many options available today in the market.